David Masters is a New York born artist who creates imaginative works of art by combining photos into one surreal digital compilation. His art have been in exhibitions throught Guatemala and commissioned by people all over the world.

At the age of 16 David moved to Beverly Hills California in pursuit of a career in acting. He studied in the master class with the prestigious teacher Ivana Chubbuck. Ivana has worked with such celebrities as: Brad Pitt, Jim Carry, James Franco, Charlize Theron, and Jon Voight. In the guidance of Ivana, David Co-stared on such shows as 90210, Saved By The Bell, Dickie Roberts, My So Called Life, Hudson Street, Martial Law, and Phenom…. While working as an actor David begun sculpting. He created large abstract characters made of mix media. As a boy, he was influenced by the sculptor Red Grooms. Being inspired by Red Grooms, he created a 7 foot blues man. The piece was displayed in the VIP (foundation room) of the House Of Blues in Hollywood California.

In 2001 David started a web design company that catered to celebrities and the fashion industry. Some of his notable website projects were:

  • Creating the website to commemorate the movie SCARFACE 30th Anniversary

  • Developed the official website for Miss Americas skincare and cosmetic line

  • Creating the website for Giuseppe Franco who was voted ONE OF THE TOP THREE HAIRDRESSERS IN THE WORLD

  • He worked for Playboy and Pamela Anderson creating digital marketing strategies

  • Working for Ralph Lauren swimwear line developing their online presence.


OWNER - ART GALLERY, Artsy Fartsy In Antigua Guatemala (2015 – 2016)



Jakes Restaurant (2016, Solo show)

Caffe Mediterraneo (2015, Solo Show)

Jakes Restaurant (2015, Solo show)